Tuesday 2 May 2023

Take care of your body parts

*Take care of your body parts..Vydya Nilayam advice 🙏*

1. Stomach hurts when you don't have breakfast in the morning.

2. Kidneys get injured when you don't drink even 10 glasses of water in 24 hours.

3. If you don't sleep till 11 o'clock and don't wake up at sunrise the gall bladder gets hurt.

4. Small intestine gets injured when you eat cold and stale food.

5. Large intestine gets injured when you eat too much fried and spicy food.

6. When you breathe in smoke and are in a polluted environment of cigarettes
Lungs are injured.

7. Liver gets injured when you eat heavily fried food, junk and fast food.

8. Heart damage when you eat your meals with too much salt and cholesterol.

9. Pancreas gets injured when you eat sweets. Because they are delicious.

10. Eyes hurt when you work in the dark under the light of mobile phone and computer screen.

11. The brain gets hurt when you start thinking negative thoughts.

All these components are not available in the market.
So take care and keep your body parts healthy.

Your body is the temple of God.

If a ventilator does the work of logs for one day, it will be a lot of money..
10 thousand if dialysis is done by kidneys..
If the heart lungs mission is in lakhs per day..
Brain has not received a substitute yet, if it comes in crores..
That means in medical terms, our body does a few lakhs worth of work per day..
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