Sunday 25 June 2023

Complete Health with Siri Grains Medical Clinic Tips

*Complete Health with Siri Grains Medical Clinic Tips*
*Thyroid problem*

People with thyroid problems, if you use it continuously for three months as mentioned below,
You can get rid of thyroid problems. This should be continued while taking the thyroid pills you are taking.

👉 After waking up in the morning
And drink 20 ml of the following oils in the evening. Use the same oil for 15 days
Do not use the oils that come in the pocket, only the oils extracted from the ganuga should be used
1. Sesame oil
2. Safflower Oil/ Groundnut Oil
3. Coconut oil
👉 How to use Siri grains
1.Samalu 3 days
2. Sticks 1 day
3. Andu korras 1 day
4. Oo Dalu 1 day
5. Soles 1 day
From the 8th day onwards
 It should be used regularly
👉 Decoction of green leaves
In the morning and evening, one hour before eating food, the decoction of sandalwood leaves should be boiled for five minutes and consumed with a spoonful of palm jaggery on the way. A decoction of each type of leaves should be used twice a week consecutively.
1. Betel leaf
2. Go o
3.Munaga coating
4 cilantro

Apply two drops of neem oil in the nose when you wake up in the morning
👉 Teeth should be rubbed with neem juice
Do not brush your teeth with toothpastes of multinational companies
👉 Do not use iodine salt
👉 Use common salt
👉 Do not use sesame oil double refund oils.
👉 Groundnut oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, sesame oil should be used for cooking.
👉 Must stop using rice chapatis idli dosa maida.

👉 Do not eat non-vegetarian food
👉 "ha o" should be done 90 times a day.
👉Acupressure point at the bottom of the thumb should be pressed 70 times twice in the morning and evening.
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