Wednesday 12 July 2023

Medical advice for gas trouble

*Medical advice for gas trouble:*
         Today there are many people who are facing gas problem in every house. No matter how many medicines are used, there is temporary relief but no permanent solution. I am telling you a kitchen yoga that you can easily make yourself at home. Use it and after you have enough, distribute it to ten people.
Formula: Take 100 grams of vamu (woma), 50 grams of cumin and 50 grams of aniseed. Grind all the above separately and grind them finely. Take 30 grams of Saindhava salt (this is a type of salt available in the supermarket) and mix it well with the above powders and keep it in a glass bottle. Drink half a teaspoon of powder in half a cup of warm water twice a day after meals. The gas clears immediately. The food eaten is easily digested. It can be used for any length of time. Once prepared, the quality of the medicine remains unchanged for three months. Can be remade if required.
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