Saturday 22 July 2023

Sudden epidemic of conjunctivitis in Vaidyanilayam Information

*Sudden epidemic of conjunctivitis in Vaidyanilayam Information* 

Symptoms are sudden redness, watering, discharge, itching and pain in one or both eyes 

*Few Preventive steps :*

Wash hands frequently with soap and water for atleast 2 minutes

Don't touch eyes with unwashed or unsanitized hands especially while travelling in metro, rails,  hospital visits (Keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket and use on your hands when you feel your hands are really soiled) 

Pls note that alcohol based hand sanitizers can cause allergies in our eyes if gone inside eyes, so maintain atleast a minute window period for alcohol to evaporate from your hands before touching your eyes inadvertently; safest is still the soap and water hand wash for 2 minutes. 

Don't share towels, handkerchiefs or beddings of an infected person . 

Avoid shaking hands, our Indian Namaste 🙏 is the best 

Avoid contact lens usage, instead use glasses  for time being as it provides an added protection

Don't self medicate, consult an ophthalmologist early in case of troublesome symptoms

Avoid public places whenever possible till epidemic gets over, especially public swimming pools. 

Most of precautions are similar to covid but not as stringent as no face masks are required , instead protective eye glasses are helpful to prevent eye to eye spread.... Most important is avoiding hand to eye contacts. 

Wishing safety for our precious eyes🌿🧿
*With Naveen Nadiminti*
This group created health information on ayurvedic medicine and create awareness of diseases and management group
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