Sunday 6 August 2023

Home remedies for headache relief

*Home remedies for headache relief*
1. One should hold the sandalwood like sandalwood
2. Finely grind spinach leaves and apply them to the scalp to reduce the heat in the head and reduce headaches and sleep comfortably.
3. If the head is gently massaged with castor oil and bathed, all the bad heat in the head will be reduced and all the head diseases and sleep diseases will disappear.
4. If camphor is mixed with good sandalwood and applied to the forehead, the headache will subside quickly.
5. Finely grind coriander and apply on forehead.
6. Cinnamon oil should be massaged on the forehead.
7. Canu leaves crushed at home in the shade and put on a cloth and used as nasya, all types of headaches are relieved.
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