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Naveen Nadiminthi Medical Center advice on general health problem for awareness

*Naveen Nadiminthi Medical Center advice on general health problem for awareness*

*_Urinary Problems :-_*
Dysuria is reduced if jaggery is mixed with buttermilk
Mix sesame powder with butter and use as a topping
*_Blood Pressure:-_*
Blood pressure can be controlled if Munagaku rasam + tulsi juice is taken daily.
Chew mustard and add some salt to it and use it as an ointment where the swelling is reduced

Gargle with sugar water.

*_Mouth coating:-_*

*_pain in teeth:-_*
Gargle with turmeric extract. Make a decoction of asafoetida and gargle. Put 5 cloves of garlic in milk and boil it. Do it twice a day. Drinking rice washed water with dried dates will increase your energy and make you more energetic.

*_Gas, indigestion in children:-_*

Agave mixed with water and applied as an ointment on the stomach reduces colic, gas and indigestion.

*_Stomach worms:-_*

1 teaspoon of powdered Vayu Vidanga mixed with honey and used twice for 10 days will reduce it.


Eating crushed dates mixed with ghee increases strength.

*_To gain weight:-_*

Drinking honey and crushed corn kernels in milk increases weight

Bitter gourd leaf juice 15 ml. Diabetes can be controlled if you drink regularly. If you mix 3 grams of fenugreek powder and 3 grams of vamu powder with jaggery and make a paste and drink hot water, constipation will be reduced.

*_Shine on face :-_*

If you mix curd in radish juice and apply it on your face and wash it off after half an hour, you will get shine

Apply the juice of akkiradish leaves on the face spots. Wash your face with coconut water.

*_nosebleed :-_*

Extract the juice of lettuce and drink it. Place an ice cube on the scalp. Put two drops of onion juice in the nose

Crushed avala mixed with water and used as an ointment on the stomach induces vomiting.

Drink carrot juice. Crushed pomegranate seeds mixed with two spoons of water will reduce it

*_Rash on body:-_*

Burn the figs and eat them with jaggery. Medicine should be used for diarrhea.

*_Flames in the body:-_*

Wash rice and drink it with sugar, soak coriander in water and grind it and drink it with sugar.

*_If touching body parts:-_*

If you boil sesame oil and add ginger and massage the oil on the affected area, it will reduce.
*Naveen Nadimimti*
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